Facetime alternate app for andriod

For a lot of iOS users, Facetime is a daily part of their lives. But the Android market is still waiting to be captured. There is no one single app that comes to mind when you say “video chat” to an Android user. This is both blessing and curse for the industry. We’ll try to focus of the blessing part though. Fortunately, there are over ten apps that can get you similar functionality as FaceTime, if not better in some aspects. Here are some of them that I think you’ll appreciate. You can also download facetime for pc.


Skype is perhaps the app that started it all. It has somewhat of a bad image thanks to the days it performed sparingly in the days when it was a Windows PC app. Skype has decent connectivity, though membership isn’t as high as it once used to be.

Google Duo

Google Duo is the latest addition to the genre of video chat apps, and it has pretty much become the new standard to try older apps against. The unique facility of call previews and the effortless connectivity (almost everyone has a Google account) make for some pretty great features to boast. The app is still in beta, though it still outperforms several apps you see of the internet.


Viber started out with a rudimentary, almost childish appeal, but it has now evolved to include more and more features. Apart from the calling feature, the app was also among the first to introduce doodling. It even beats Google Duo in the fact that it mixes texting and calling facilities.

Facebook Messenger

Everybody and their grandmas have Facebook. So you can rest assured you can use Facebook Messenger’s video calling features to get in touch with anyone you want to. To maintain privacy, there are the trustworthy Facebook privacy settings. Also, Facebook no longer allows you to send direct messages to people you’re not friends with. The “Other” folder is no more, and this means no creep on the internet can ring you up via the app.
In my opinion, Google Duo and Facebook Messenger outdo even FaceTime. So they’re pretty great alternatives to keep in mind. What do you think?

Facetime alternate app for andriod