BHIM app

Bharat Interface for Money, abbreviated as BHIM, is an application that has been propelled in India to enable the nation to go cashless.

BHIM (Bharat Interface for cash) is a portable App created by method for national bills association of India (NPCI), basically in light of the Unified Payment Interface (UPI). It is discharged by utilizing Narendra Modi, the high Minister of India, at a Digi Dhan mela at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi on 30 December 2016. Inside 10 days of dispatch, it has seen one crore has been named after Dr. Bhimrao R. Ambedkar.

The BHIM application is created for making e-installment straightforwardly through their banks, its spare time and help to expand the development of GDP of india and furthermore making india computerized.

This UPI application enables every Indian bank which to utilize that stage, that is worked over the quick charge transporter foundation and lets in the individual to immediately switch money between the monetary establishment obligations of any occasions. it can be utilized on every cell contraption.

Highlight :-

The accompanying components of BHIM application enable us to send cash, to ask for cash, User can pay by filtering the QR code through Scan and Pay and create your QR alternative is likewise present, a client can interface their financial balance to BHIM application to see their bank detail like checking her/his balance.BHIM application stacked with up to 8 provincial dialects (Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Oriya, Gujarati, Kannada, Hindi) accessible on BHIM to enhance the client experience.You can likewise utilize bhim application as bill installment.

BHIM application

detail of BHIM application

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Is BHIM and Mobile wallet are same?

The appropriate response is essentially No. You can store a restricted measure of cash in a versatile wallet like Paytm or MobiKwik, which you can send just to somebody who is utilizing a similar wallet. Be that as it may, BHIM is UPI-based, and in this way connected specifically to a financial balance. All the payee needs is a ledger.

What number of banks does BHIM application bolster :-

It for the most part bolsters all banks.The rundown of banks are Allahabad Bank, Andhra Bank, Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of Maharashtra, Canara Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank, Central Bank of India, DCB Bank, Dena Bank, Federal Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, IDFC Bank, Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, IndusInd Bank, Karnataka Bank, Karur Vysya Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Punjab National Bank, RBL Bank, South Indian Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, State Bank of India, Syndicate Bank, Union Bank of India, United Bank of India, and Vijaya Bank.


banks bolster by BHIM application

bank bolstered by BHIM application

You can likewise utilize BHIM application for acquire some cash :-

On the off chance that you are new to BHIM application, you will get a referral reward measure of Rs25 in the wake of finishing all the expected conditions to your recently enlisted BHIM account. You will get a referral reward measure of bhim application Rs10 per individual for each total procedure done by an alluded individual.

You can give your referral code to any number of individuals you need. You can likewise exchange cash to the individual whose referral code you are utilizing to profit the referral plot. It is conceivable to gain as much as Rs25,000 every month from referral bonuses.And their is aslo a challenge on the application and the victor may win bhim application 1 crore prize.

Step by step instructions to utilize/download BHIM application :-

The BHIM application is accessible in play store {for Android User} and App Store {for Apple User}.And you can likewise download bhim application on 9apps.

By utilizing these basic stride you can ready to utilize/download the BHIM application.

Step 1 :- Download and Install BHIM application from Google Play Store and from Apple App Store.

BHIM application on playstore

Step 2:- After introducing open it and Select your favored dialect.

select dialect in BHIM application

Step 3:- Select SIM card which has the portable number enlisted with your particular bank and after that snaps alright.

confirm your versatile in BHIM application

Step 4:- Now set or make the password.

Step 5:- Then Link your financial balances utilizing ledger choice.

Step 6 :- Now Set your UPI PIN by giving last 6 digits of the check card and expiry date of the charge card.

Step 7 :- Set one virtual installment address (VPA) as an essential (default) virtual installment address (VPA).

Step 8 :- Click on send and enter the virtual installment address (VPA)/Account number+ IFSC/Aadhaar number and Scan or Pay alternative of the individual to whom you need to send cash.

Step 9 :- Enter the UPI Pin you set before to verify the exchange.

Step 10 :- Check exchange history to see the status of the exchange.

What’s make BHIM application extraordinary from other wallet applications?

The fundamental distinction between wallet application and the BHIM UPI is that wallet application is a kind of an e-wallet though with the BHIM UPI application you make bank-to-bank exchanges.

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BHIM app



Supercell has come up with yet another amazing game after its famous hit Clash of Clans i.e. Clash Royale. If you were the one addicted to Clash of Clans in that case you will be going to love Clash Royale World. It is real- time dueling strategy game features many of the characters from Clash of Clan. Basically, in this game, you have to protect your tower from the opponent.  It is real- Multiplayer Battle Arena game, with two lanes that stand between your base in the bottom of the screen and the opponent’s base at the top of the screen. You have to destroy the opponent’s Main Tower.

If you want to experience this breath-taking game on your PC, then you are at the right place. But before that, you need to know few things that will be required before downloading the game, which is as follows;

  • Your PC should have at least  1.5GB DRAM
  • You should have 500MB disk space
  • Your processor speed must be above  1.6GHz

 The game is free to download but also offers in-app purchases. As you move on in the games you need to purchase upgrades your grounds against the opponent.


The game is easy to download, it will hardly 5- 10 minutes if you follow the instructions given below;

  1. You have to download BLUESTACKS first from their official site. ( you can use the mentioned link as well.
  2. Install the application into your PC and open it.
  3. Setup your Google Play Store with your Gmail. It sometimes can ask you for phone verification.
  4. Search for ‘Clash Royale’.
  5. Hit the install button, and then you can find and ‘Clash Royale’ in all application sections.

These are the five easy steps through which you can easily download Clash Royale for Free.




  • Get awarded with crowns each time on destroying the opponent’s tower.
  • With crowns, you can earn epic crown chests. And with that epic chest, you can unlock rewards; collect new and more powerful cards.
  • You can build your own Super Deck.
  • You can easily build your own battle community.
  • You can go all the way to the top through multiple arenas.


These are not all the features but few of them. But once you start playing this revolutionary game, you will experience a different stage of playing. Clash Royale is a game that has only been out about one year. Are you the one who always wanted to play an epic fantasy strategy card game? Well then, get ready as Clash Royale is the best game up to date.

So, this was all about how to download Clash Royale. With the help of above-mentioned steps, you can easily download this breath-taking game in no time. I hope you liked this post.



ShowBox for BlackBerry

ShowBox is an admirable Android application. It supposedly acts as a movie streaming service where, you can easily stream or download movies, shows, trailers and music for free. The application keeps updating its attributes to give you a better entertainment world on that small little screen of yours.

It does have the capability to show you all the possible movies and tv shows, which are trending on television today for example, Supernaturals, Gotham, The vampire diaries, The accountant, Jack reacher, Doctor strange, Family guy, Westworld, American Dad, Inferno, Sully and many more to list down.

Show Box App

ShowBox APK has this amazing quality where it seamlessly provides you quick feature or attributions right on the homepage for instance, you’ll find quick menu on the left side corner. It consists of settings, account detail, movies, tv shows, trailers, music albums and entertainment based news.

If you go back to the home page then you’ll definitely notice organized list of movies under the list of trending, most watched, latest updates and different genres.

ShowBox is a proud application which is available to download on different platforms: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows etc. Fortunately, ShowBox is the only app that runs on all platforms thus, we surely need to see how it is downloaded on one of the most difficult platform of today’s – BlackBerry.

Download ShowBox for BlackBerry

Step 1 – Click on your phone’s settings > app manager > Installing apps & > Turn on “Allow apps from other sources to be installed”

Step 2 – Navigate for ShowBox apk file on your browser.

Step 3 – Download the application and open the file to begin with installation process directly.

Step 4 – Now go back to your downloads and open the installed application.

Step 5 – Now you can enjoy unlimited movies and tv shows with ease on your smartphones.


ShowBox App for PC recently has gone through a maintenance process due to which customers really went through a tough time. For searching movies, downloading the new movies, watch updated tv series everything became damn difficult for its loyal customers.

But now the application is back with a bang. In fact, the app is infused with new features to notice: news, trailers and music album are the new notabilities added to the application. And honestly ShowBox is better now, in regards to its previous performances.

ShowBox for BlackBerry

Main points about kik! Guide for parents

A Quick parents’ guide for Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is a pretty popular app that lets you message your friends and family over the internet. It is pretty popular among teens and also used by a shocking number on kids below 13 by entering false dates of birth.

As a parent, you must know the app’s bad reputation, as an app infested with pedophiles and similar criminals. And I know you’re worries about keeping your precious ones safe from harmful experiences. So here is a quick guide on Kik Messenger, especially for parents of Kik login users.

How to make sure your kid is safe from creeps

The easiest way to keep your vulnerable kid away from creepy people is to advise them against joining groups with too many unknown people. If they’re contacted by a new person of the app, it is to be advised that they meet them the first few times with a friend accompanying them.

How to respond if your kid receives an inappropriate image or video

Like with any other app, you can send and receive pictures and videos to anyone. If your child receives an inappropriate message, text or multimedia, advise them not to respond to the message at all. You may also recommend blocking the person sending those pictures. Users can be reported for sending inappropriate content too. Look up Kik’s safety guide of how to do so.

Advising kids on cyber safety

Your kids are going to grow up and inhabit a world full of websites and games that require usernames, emails and passwords. It is best to prepare them for what lies ahead so they don’t make horrible mistakes. Tell them about proper, non abusive usernames, the importance on checking your email and not opening suspicious messages that can land them in a soup, and about not sharing passwords or keeping them painfully simple. You must also discuss sexuality, bullying and not believing everything of the internet, since that can save your loved ones from a lot of pain.
No app is 100% safe, and so you must follow the steps i mentioned, irrespective on what app your teen uses, but especially if they use Kik, looking at its reputation.

Main points about kik! Guide for parents

How To Use Subtitles On Terrarium TV?


Terrarium Tv is a unique movie application that has its main streaming through Google.which makes it more reliable and trustable. While downloading or streaming a video link from Terrarium TV you get plenty of options leading to the commencement of downloading process.

All movie applications nowadays provide extra features for its users like ChromeCast facility, resolutions, good user interface and quick menu. If we notice its recently added features we can easily point out Language and subtitles as the best feature for today movie streaming application.

Though all the applications provide  15+ languages with suitable subtitles, Terrarium Tv has an additional advantage to it. In Terrarium Tv it is exciting to see such easy to use user interface where every feature is visible to the eye, and same with Subtitles. It is quite easy to understand and simple to use. Let’s see how you can choose subtitles for your desired video:-

Use Subtitles on Terrarium Tv



If you want to use the app. Can download the from this link

I’ll be sharing the whole procedure of streaming or downloading a movie or episode of an American series which will also include the usage of subtitles.

  • When you are on Terrarium and want to watch your favorite American series, for instance, Supernaturals.
  • You’ll simply tap on the show banner. Terrarium Tv will take you to the next page where you’ll find the description of the show and is reviews. Right under the description at the bottom, you’ll find a play button. Tap on the play option.
  • The next page includes all the episode of that season, say you want to watch episode 6 of supernatural 1st season. You tap on that and the next thing appears is options for resolutions.
  • There are various video links with different resolutions starting from 1080p to 240p. As you choose any one of them a dialogue box will appear on the middle of the screen.
  • This dialogue box asks for streaming with different options like Play, play without subtitles, download, download without subtitles, open with and Copy streamable link.
  • As you select “play with subtitles” the application asks to choose of the subtitles you want to watch from. Choose any they all are perfectly fine.
  • And you video will start streaming. At the same time if you notice that the video subtitles is not synchronized with the videos wordings you can tap on the three vertical dots available at the right corner of the screen.
  • Choose Subtitle and manage the speed and synchronization of the subtitles according to the video.
  • There are + and – signs given for both the options you can manage the speed and synchronization easily.


Using Subtitles on Terrarium Tv is the easiest task ever. It not only provides you subtitles as an option but also lets you manage them according to your convenience.  And that is why we can say that Terrarium Tv is the best movie streaming application with extra features and facilities.

How To Use Subtitles On Terrarium TV?

Facetime alternate app for andriod

For a lot of iOS users, Facetime is a daily part of their lives. But the Android market is still waiting to be captured. There is no one single app that comes to mind when you say “video chat” to an Android user. This is both blessing and curse for the industry. We’ll try to focus of the blessing part though. Fortunately, there are over ten apps that can get you similar functionality as FaceTime, if not better in some aspects. Here are some of them that I think you’ll appreciate. You can also download facetime for pc.


Skype is perhaps the app that started it all. It has somewhat of a bad image thanks to the days it performed sparingly in the days when it was a Windows PC app. Skype has decent connectivity, though membership isn’t as high as it once used to be.

Google Duo

Google Duo is the latest addition to the genre of video chat apps, and it has pretty much become the new standard to try older apps against. The unique facility of call previews and the effortless connectivity (almost everyone has a Google account) make for some pretty great features to boast. The app is still in beta, though it still outperforms several apps you see of the internet.


Viber started out with a rudimentary, almost childish appeal, but it has now evolved to include more and more features. Apart from the calling feature, the app was also among the first to introduce doodling. It even beats Google Duo in the fact that it mixes texting and calling facilities.

Facebook Messenger

Everybody and their grandmas have Facebook. So you can rest assured you can use Facebook Messenger’s video calling features to get in touch with anyone you want to. To maintain privacy, there are the trustworthy Facebook privacy settings. Also, Facebook no longer allows you to send direct messages to people you’re not friends with. The “Other” folder is no more, and this means no creep on the internet can ring you up via the app.
In my opinion, Google Duo and Facebook Messenger outdo even FaceTime. So they’re pretty great alternatives to keep in mind. What do you think?

Facetime alternate app for andriod

Install ShowBox HD for Smart TV

ShowBox HD has an extra benefit over other movie applications, it is available for cross platform devices as well. While most of the apps are made available only for Android and Windows, ShowBox can be installed on different platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, Kindle, BlackBerry and Smart TV’s.

Most of the apps use ChromeCast facility to link their device with the television system but ShowBox now has this extra feature that makes it more reliable and popular between its users.

The only requirement for ShowBox on Smart Tv is that the television should be Android which should have Android market installed on the system and a good internet connection. While most of the TV’s nowadays are Android based but if you have an older version of TV you can always use ChromeCast to connect your mobile and watch movies through ShowBox easily.

Android television are quite famous in the market today for example, Samsung h6350, Toshiba 48L3451DB, LG, Vizio E600i-B3,, Samsung UN40ES6500F,  Samsung 60UH6203, Google TV, Vizio m551d-a2, Hisense smart TV etc. They all can download applications from third party sites with ease. Therefore it won’t be difficult to download ShowBox on the devices.

showbox app download

To make the process easier for all interested users, we are going to discuss the steps to download ShowBox on your smart tv. So let’s follow the instruction guide listed below:-

Install ShowBox HD on your Smart Tv

Step 1 – Go to settings and allow Unknown sources from security. You can easily download any third party application on your Smart TV.

Step 2 – Go to your web browser and download ShowBox Apk link through its official website. Please make sure you have downloaded the latest version otherwise you’ll face problem with the application.

Step 3 – Once the application is downloaded go to your main menu and click on the downloader file. Ta on ShowBox apk file and start the installation process.

Step 4 – Now your ShowBox is ready to stream movies on your Smart Tv without any USB cable.

Also visit to know more about ShowBox


Digital media is not restricted for introducing new technology day after day through our devices and gadgets. If you remember first the virtual world introduced these applications to us which obviously made our lives easier, then these applications started to show some improvement in themselves, new technology and techniques were introduced and now straight from smartphones these apps have taken a huge jump to smart tv’s. It is great to be there to see such huge transformations. What do you think?

Install ShowBox HD for Smart TV

CinemaBox HD for Android

CinemaBox HD is the official application created by the same developers of PlayBox HD. It has been designed and created for people who love to watch movies and tv shows on their smartphones.

As we all are aware of the fact that Movie streaming applications plenty in number. There a readily available on your web browser but the question is whether you can choose the best one for yourself?

Cinemabox HD is an exceptional application that is currently running successfully on all platforms. CinemaBox has amazing features to look into like download movies to play without networking, supports subtitles, kids mode of children, daily updates, High quality video links, it is totally safe and free to use and it is compatible with ChromeCast, Apple Tv and Wifi sharing.


Download CinemaBox HD for Android

To download CinemaBox HD on your Android devices, follow the steps below:-

Step 1 – Enable Unknown sources from settings.

Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.This will allow your device to download applications from third party sites.


Step 2 – Download CinemaBox HD either from its official website or from third party sites.

Step 3 – Go to file manager and tap on CinemaBox  Apk file. This will let your device install the application.

Step 4 – The device will ask you whether “you are sure you want to install the app”, press Install

Step 5 – Wait for the process to end. It may take few minutes

Step 6 – Now you can open the application and enjoy its services.

Final Words

CinemaBox HD has taken the world by storm. It is a wonderful platform for exploring new features, movies, t shows, videos and much more. CinemaBox has a good user interface and High quality links. It is definitely the best movie streaming application available in the digital market.

You can check this also:

CinemaBox HD for Android

Tutorial How to Install Cinemabox on pc

CinemaBox is pretty easy to install on your PC. The sole hinderance in the process is that Android apps come as apk files and Windows cannot process them. If you introduce an Android Emulator, the problem disappears on its own. Here’s how you can get CinemaBox for PC.


CinemaBox HD for PC:

Here is a step by step process to guide you through downloading and installing CinemaBox on your PC. Hopefully this will clear things out.

  • Download BlueStacks from It is free.
  • Install BlueStacks by running the downloaded exe file.
  • Login into the app using a gmail account to set it up.
  • Download CinemaBox APK from the internet. You can Google Search “CinemaBox HD APK” and get your favorite app to download.
  • Right click the downloaded file.
  • Choose “Open With” and then choose BlueStacks.
  • Let the installation complete. Wait for the notification to arrive.
  • Your app can now be used. Go to “My Apps”, locate the app and run it to your heart’s content.


Additionally, you can also download an app like Vidmate or Tubemate as they can really speed up your downloads. CinemaBox has great content to watch, and it is wonderfully customisable to fit your needs. It doesn’t get better than this!

Tutorial How to Install Cinemabox on pc

Download Minecraft for PC

Modern technology is blamed making an individual apart from his or her buddies and colleagues, however there are likewise some such contemporary ways that have brought friends in fact close. Today’s modern-day video games are established in such way that they have to be had fun with pals and also this is a quite great means of communicating always. Amongst such Android video games, one of the games is Minecraft that is basically a video game of developing things from blocks and that also with the aid of your good friends.


As pointed out, the game is about creating things with blocks, for this reason the video game contains cubes in it that can be either cracked or could be positioned at numerous areas to produce numerous things. Likewise the dices can be saved in your stock for future use. This is not a video game of staying at a specific place as well as producing points with cubes, you need to take a trip to different locations for doing this and hence a map is given to direct you to different areas such as thick forests, desert, lily pools, icy islands as well as several others. Hence there are a variety of functions that you have to manage such as the streams, cactus, falls, and also numerous others while travelling to numerous locations. At various areas you will discover various components, some excellent while some evil. During the sunlight light, you can come across a number of great components, such as the friendly animals like sheep, porkers, chicken as well as cows that graze gladly and also can be chosen in getting different products out of them. But as the sun sets, there are some bad aspects to bother with such as beasts of the night, harmful crawlers hissing on your face, zombies walking in a team in the direction of you, skeletons and much more that can assault you.

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To manage such components there are a variety of options offered to you such as the creepers to blow up a section of the ground or once more you could require the option of crafting to own and update your existing devices. There are other methods of obtaining shielded such as hiding in the huts and also making use of tricks that can kill the enemies by their own powers.

One of the most likeable thing about the game Minecraft is that though it appears to be a fighting game but it is really played without the dangerous tools and weapons and also hence no such physical violence is created. This is the factor the video game is in fact suched as by numerous of the father and mothers that could get it for their children to play.


The game Minecraft could be played with amazing graphics on a computer and for that there will be a need of an emulator on your system. You could download and mount Bluestacks and could after that search for the application Minecraft for COMPUTER as well as could then mount it directly on your system from the link offered. After the installment is finished you could start the game for playing quickly from the ‘My Applications’ section of Bluestacks.

Download Minecraft for PC