Main points about kik! Guide for parents

A Quick parents’ guide for Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is a pretty popular app that lets you message your friends and family over the internet. It is pretty popular among teens and also used by a shocking number on kids below 13 by entering false dates of birth.

As a parent, you must know the app’s bad reputation, as an app infested with pedophiles and similar criminals. And I know you’re worries about keeping your precious ones safe from harmful experiences. So here is a quick guide on Kik Messenger, especially for parents of Kik login users.

How to make sure your kid is safe from creeps

The easiest way to keep your vulnerable kid away from creepy people is to advise them against joining groups with too many unknown people. If they’re contacted by a new person of the app, it is to be advised that they meet them the first few times with a friend accompanying them.

How to respond if your kid receives an inappropriate image or video

Like with any other app, you can send and receive pictures and videos to anyone. If your child receives an inappropriate message, text or multimedia, advise them not to respond to the message at all. You may also recommend blocking the person sending those pictures. Users can be reported for sending inappropriate content too. Look up Kik’s safety guide of how to do so.

Advising kids on cyber safety

Your kids are going to grow up and inhabit a world full of websites and games that require usernames, emails and passwords. It is best to prepare them for what lies ahead so they don’t make horrible mistakes. Tell them about proper, non abusive usernames, the importance on checking your email and not opening suspicious messages that can land them in a soup, and about not sharing passwords or keeping them painfully simple. You must also discuss sexuality, bullying and not believing everything of the internet, since that can save your loved ones from a lot of pain.
No app is 100% safe, and so you must follow the steps i mentioned, irrespective on what app your teen uses, but especially if they use Kik, looking at its reputation.

Main points about kik! Guide for parents

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