How To Use Subtitles On Terrarium TV?


Terrarium Tv is a unique movie application that has its main streaming through Google.which makes it more reliable and trustable. While downloading or streaming a video link from Terrarium TV you get plenty of options leading to the commencement of downloading process.

All movie applications nowadays provide extra features for its users like ChromeCast facility, resolutions, good user interface and quick menu. If we notice its recently added features we can easily point out Language and subtitles as the best feature for today movie streaming application.

Though all the applications provide  15+ languages with suitable subtitles, Terrarium Tv has an additional advantage to it. In Terrarium Tv it is exciting to see such easy to use user interface where every feature is visible to the eye, and same with Subtitles. It is quite easy to understand and simple to use. Let’s see how you can choose subtitles for your desired video:-

Use Subtitles on Terrarium Tv



If you want to use the app. Can download the from this link

I’ll be sharing the whole procedure of streaming or downloading a movie or episode of an American series which will also include the usage of subtitles.

  • When you are on Terrarium and want to watch your favorite American series, for instance, Supernaturals.
  • You’ll simply tap on the show banner. Terrarium Tv will take you to the next page where you’ll find the description of the show and is reviews. Right under the description at the bottom, you’ll find a play button. Tap on the play option.
  • The next page includes all the episode of that season, say you want to watch episode 6 of supernatural 1st season. You tap on that and the next thing appears is options for resolutions.
  • There are various video links with different resolutions starting from 1080p to 240p. As you choose any one of them a dialogue box will appear on the middle of the screen.
  • This dialogue box asks for streaming with different options like Play, play without subtitles, download, download without subtitles, open with and Copy streamable link.
  • As you select “play with subtitles” the application asks to choose of the subtitles you want to watch from. Choose any they all are perfectly fine.
  • And you video will start streaming. At the same time if you notice that the video subtitles is not synchronized with the videos wordings you can tap on the three vertical dots available at the right corner of the screen.
  • Choose Subtitle and manage the speed and synchronization of the subtitles according to the video.
  • There are + and – signs given for both the options you can manage the speed and synchronization easily.


Using Subtitles on Terrarium Tv is the easiest task ever. It not only provides you subtitles as an option but also lets you manage them according to your convenience.  And that is why we can say that Terrarium Tv is the best movie streaming application with extra features and facilities.

How To Use Subtitles On Terrarium TV?

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